Lego Truck

This page is dedicated to the the incredible Unity3D game engine. The following project is a simple demonstration of the engine and its basic capabilites.


  • Steer: left and right arrows or "A" and "D"
  • Accelerate, reverse: up and down arrows or "W and "S"
  • Brake: "Left Shift"
  • Handbrake: "Space"
  • Camera control: mouse
  • Refresh the browser page to reset truck

The game requires the download of unity player. It is just like the Adobe Flash Player, competely harmless and can be downloaded and installed within minutes. The game can be switched to fullscreen mode: Rigth click on the game window and select "Go Fullscreen" option. Perss "ESC" to leave the fullscreen mode. The use of Google Chrome is not recommended.

For a desktop version please download the zip file below.

Special thanks to Luis Carlos Lara for the awsome lego truck used in the game. This game is not official lego product and it is strictly for demonstration purposes only.

Desktop version:

Swing Ball

Just grab the ball to swing it.


Simple puzzle demonstration.